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Get your vision tested

As a practicing optician, it is recommended and necessary to complete your continuing education requirements, not only to stay licensed, but to stay up to date on all the new technology and advancements in vision care.  Each time I study...
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Do business with companies that like you!

 It is important to be reminded that there are companies out there who want and appreciate your business.  From the polite "my pleasure" that you hear from everyone at a Chick-fil-A® to the pleasingly happy attitude, I seem to always experience at In-N-Out®,...
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What ever happened to customer service?

I happened to find a “lab form” from an Optometry shop while looking for a local eye doctor.  The picture below is from a form provided by said shop stating what services they “will NOT provide” if the customer has...
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How should glasses sit on your face

(reprinted from blogpost) You’ve figured out your face shape, so you’ve gotten a good start when it comes to picking a pair of glasses—but what about choosing glasses that fit well? When you look at eyewear online, you’ll see measurements...
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(This article is brought to you by Essilor) Whether you're trying to read a map while lost on the last leg of a long road trip or you're just too lazy to turn the light on while reading before bed,...
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