How to get, and the importance, of your pupillary distance

How to get, and the importance, of your pupillary distance


Full credit to . This video was just published on their YouTube® site on Dec, 5th, 2020.  Use link above to see other informative articles.

One of the things I most enjoy is educating my customers on all things related to your eyes.  I also like to keep things simple.  There are lots of great sites, blogs and videos which explain everything.  As a small business, I also like to promote other small businesses when I can.  With this blog post, I hope to do both!

Joseph Allen (OD, FAAO, Diplo ABO) is a doctor with a sizeable YouTube channel 

This video covers the importance of your pupillary distance measurement (PD) as it pertains to purchasing and wearing glasses.  This is especially useful for those of you who like to order glasses online, since more often than not, the PD measurement is left off your prescription.  The doctor does mention a useful app which you can download to measure your own PD.  The "GlassesOn" app is available (both iPhone and Android) free of charge. 

The doctor also discusses the importance of regularly having your eyes checked, something I often tell my customers regardless as to whether they need new glasses or not.  

Check out the full video here:


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