Fitting glasses

girl checking glasses fit

There are hundreds of sites devoted to properly fitting glasses

Type "fitting glasses" into your search bar and you will begin to navigate an overload of information to help you pick the right glasses for you.

If you come into our store, we are happy to help. But as an online shopper or a customer at a distance, this is more difficult.

So below, we have offered some advice to help you find the perfect glasses for you!

Girl on bench taking photo of glasses

Find frames similar to existing size

On the inside of the arm of most frames is the "size" of the glasses. First number would be lens width, second number is bridge size and the third number the length of the arms in millimeters.

Staying close to those numbers will keep you from buying something that really doesn't suit your face.

If this is your first pair, trying on glasses is the best way to determine what you are comfortable with. Once you know the approximate size, you can shop for colors and styles you like!

Understand your prescription

Eyeglass frames are not accomodating to all Rx's. Depending on the severity of your prescription, no matter how much you like a frame style, it may be a bad fit for you.  

Getting feedback from a quality optician who can explain the physics of what your Rx will look like in a given frame is important before you buy the glasses.

Schedule a fitting session

This is sometimes easier said than done. Be honest. Let the brick and mortor store or optometry office know you are in the beginning stages of deciding what looks good on you.  

Beware there may be pressure to buy, but reputable opticians understand how important fit is for a pair of glasses. Find someone willing to help, not just sell you something. Who knows... they may earn your business!

Final Note

The discussion about lenses (types, material, coatings, etc...) can become complicated, especially if the customer is looking at multi-focal lenses. As an online vendor, our approach is simple. Buy glasses you like and find a good optometry office with knowledgeable opticians who are willing to teach you or help you with the lenses which are best for your situation. Then buy your lenses from them.

Quality optometry offices don't mind selling you just lenses. If the practice you visit insists you buy "their" frames, in order to get lenses made, maybe you need to find a more customer friendly location.

We have had many customers send us their prescription along with how they intend to use their glasses to get recommendations. If you are in the area, stop by our store. We are always glad to help.