Get your vision tested

Get your vision tested

As a practicing optician, it is recommended and necessary to complete your continuing education requirements, not only to stay licensed, but to stay up to date on all the new technology and advancements in vision care.  Each time I study or refresh my knowledge on a certain topic, I am reminded about the need to get your vision tested.

Many things that can go wrong with your vision have no major side effects or pain early on.  And the biggest regret I hear from patients with serious eye issues is that some of their conditions could have been lessened or avoided with early detection.

I have become a big fan of Optomap®.  You can follow their link and get more information about their technology.  Essentially you are taking a digital picture of the inside of your eye which "captures 80% of your retina in a single image".  They cover why it is so important to get a comprehensive eye exam and even list the doctors in your area who use the technology.

So many challenges that children face (difficulty learning, proficiency at sports, coordination, etc...) can be traced back to irregular or lack of vision testing.  Essilor Vision Foundation has great resources and information to help you get your children tested.

Of all the seven senses, it would be hard to argue that sight is not on the top of the list (1,2 along with hearing in my opinion).  Do yourself and your family a favor and get this taken care of.  You won't regret you did.


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