Do business with companies that like you!

Do business with companies that like you!

 It is important to be reminded that there are companies out there who want and appreciate your business.  From the polite "my pleasure" that you hear from everyone at a Chick-fil-A® to the pleasingly happy attitude, I seem to always experience at In-N-Out®, there are places we go simply because we are treated better.  

The above examples are based on my own experiences and your personal attitude has a good deal to do with how you are treated.  But, in general, we seem to frequent those places that treat us better.  

The eyewear business is no different.  With all the consolidation of the major brands and the explosion of online options, the smaller independents are often overlooked.  There are great independent shops and practices along with smaller, less advertised frame manufacturers, that you owe it to yourself to shop.  I mean really, how many times can you visit that sunglass place in the mall and take attitude from a twenty-something year old that is clearly put off by having to open the case so you can try on glasses!

That is why we still fix glasses (yes even welding...) and put new lenses in your favorite older frames without an upcharge or forcing you to buy new glasses.  I personally like my customers (well most of them...) and enjoy helping them any way I can.  I don't need Yelp®.  I have my clients great word-of-mouth that keeps me busy.  

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